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"It's time for fresh thinking

about frozen seafood"

About us

Tokai Denpun has established 13 overseas operating bases across 6 countries: China, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and the United States. These offices serve as supply hubs where we maintain meticulous control over the entire production process. This includes conducting inspections of agricultural products from cultivation to harvest and overseeing marine product handling at the time of catch hauling.

Furthermore, our overseas offices actively engage in global business operations through their sales activities within their respective countries.

TDC Video Presentation (English)

TDC Video Presentation (English)

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Message From President

Our company was originally established for the purpose of sales of starches. Now, we have grown up to a company which deals with a variety of food-related products. Our product lineup includes any kinds of food-related products, and we stay close to our customers through our local sales offices. In order to provide better and more detailed services, we operates our business with emphases on direct sales from manufacturers and producers to our customers, production of high value-added products and active overseas operations. 

Under the current circumstances of deflationary economy, consumers are seeking for lower prices goods. In addition, changes in their family compositions and lifestyle fostered the diversification of their needs, and their demand for safer and securer food products is rising. The food industry is now expected to respond to such rapidly in food products, through efforts to strict quality check of track records of rawmaterials and disclosing this information to the public.

Meanwhile, the environment surrounding food products is dramatically changing. Increasing demands in China and other emerging countries, in production centers and raw materials prices are main factors of the changes.

Our company will be conscious of these environmental changes while we pursue food safety and security. We will not be trapped by stereotypes and we will have a wide vision and courageous challenging spirits. Along with such commitments, we will devote ourselves into the food industry as a company with a strong planning ability.


We will deeply appreciate your further support and guidance. Thank you.

Kenji Mori

President and Representative Director

Corporate Philosophy

With gratitude for the blessing of nature,

Tokai Denpun Group will seek every value brought by

"Food" in its contribution to the realization of an affluent society

Management Principles

We will pursue fair profits through sound business activities to realize co-existance and co-prosperity with our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, society and environment.
With respect to independence and self-discipline, we will crate an environment by where our employees will be motivated and inspired to do their jobs.
We will build up a corporate culture that promotes our employees to read changes and create prospective and innovative ideas with a flexible and free mind-set.

6 Action Guidelines of TDC Group

1. We will stand in our customers' shoes and provide them with safe and reassuring foodstuffs.
2. We will comply with laws and regulations as well as social norms and operate our business in a faithful and fair manner.
3. We will disclose information in an appropriate business operation.
4. We will respect each other's personality and independence to form an open-minded workplace.
5. For every action we will take, we will be conscious of our responsibility as a corperate citizen.
6. We will pursue new values and make best efforts to tackle tasks.

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